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Glass Gallery of Water Prisms,
Diamonds, Pendants, Gems, Special Shapes,

, Pyramid Lamps, and Jewelry Boxes

If you like prisms and rainbows, then you will love our Water Prisms.
The Rainbows are brighter and larger than any prism you may have seen and can make a great gift for yourself or for someone special in your life.

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Click to View the Diamond shapes at WaterPrisms.com
Water Prisms - Diamond Shapes
The Diamond Prism Shapes make some of the greatest rainbows with several
styles starting as low as $65.00
Click to View the Pendant shapes at WaterPrisms.com
Water Prisms - Pendant Shapes
The Pendant Prism Shapes have a nice variety of colored and beveled glass
to accent
the many styles, many starting as low as $70.00
Click to View the Gem shapes at WaterPrisms.com
Water Prisms - Gem Shapes
The Gem Prisms have some of our larger shapes in many unique styles that are
sure to produce a galaxy of rainbows.
Click to View the Special shapes at WaterPrisms.com
Water Prisms -Special Shapes
The Special Shapes Prisms have some of our largest shapes in many spectacular styles,
all of which sparkle and glow with huge rainbows.
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Glass Gallery of Mandalas


Click to View our Glass Mandalas Gallery at WaterPrisms.com
Glass and Copper Mandalas
The Glass Mandalas use bevels, stained glass, glass nuggets and copper wire to create
kaleidoscope designs that will shine into your home.

Glass Gallery of Pyramid Lamps

Click to View our Pyramid Lamps Gallery at WaterPrisms.com
Pyramid Lamps

The Pyramid Lamps shine brilliant colors onto your walls at night and
glow with their own special energy.

Glass Gallery of Jewelry Boxes

Click to View our Glass Box Gallery at WaterPrisms.com
Stained Glass Boxes
Our Glass Boxes come in assorted shapes, colors and sizes that make great gifts.





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Water Prisms Diamond Shapes
Water Prisms Pendant Shapes
Water Prisms Gem Shapes
Water Prisms Special Shapes
Pyramid Lamps
Stained Glass Boxes

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