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Newton would have loved our Water Prisms

We created this page to help you understand our Water Prisms and what makes them refract the sunlight. The concept goes back to the late 1600's when Sir Isaac Newton did experiments on refraction using a drinking glass with water inside, tilting the glass to produce the visible spectrum.

Is it a prism without the water?
No, when empty there is nothing to bend the sunlight.  You can see straight through and it  will transmit white light.  When full of water it becomes reflective like a solid prism or a periscope, and can turn sunlight into glowing rainbows.
How does the Water Prism bend the sunlight?
Sunlight usually travels in a straight line.  But if it suddenly enters another more or less transparent substance, such as glass or water, after traveling through the air, it will be abruptly bent because glass and water are denser than air.  When the sunlight tries to go through the Water Prism, it slows down and is bent into the visible spectrum.  Different colors making up white light travel at different speeds so the spectrum is always distributed in the following order:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, with ultraviolet and infrared at either end.  
Why do the clear facets look like mirrors?
As the path of light is bent so too are the images conveyed by that light.  The inner surfaces of the Water Prism reflect upon each other, creating an effect similar to a periscope.  Often the reflected images inside the Water Prism are surrounded by rainbow auras.  
What  does the colored glass do?
The colored glass is used as accent colors with the clear glass.  Our choices of colors are meant to complement decor and tastes.  The colored glass has a different effect than the clear glass.  When the sun shines on them the colors will filter out some colors from the white light and let other ones through, creating their own custom blend of rainbows.  They generally will let colors through that are close to them in the spectrum, thus orange glass will produce yellow at one end and red at the other.  
Which styles make the best rainbows?
All of our styles have been developed for their superior abilities to produce big, brilliant rainbows.  Generally, the larger the pieces making up the Water Prism the larger the rainbows are.  More facets of glass result in more rainbows. Our all-beveled styles will produce many more rainbows than the flat faceted styles.   
What other factors affect the size of the rainbows?
Rainbow size and intensity can be dependent on other conditions like the time of year, or time of the day.  When the sun is low on the horizon like in the winter or in the morning or afternoon, the rainbows can get their largest.  When it is high in the sky in the summer the rainbows are smaller. Other variables that affect the rainbows are the size of the room and relative darkness of the room.   
Can I hang my Water Prism outside?
Yes, you can hang your Water Prism outside and then it will shine rainbows into the far corners of your home. However, you need to be careful that it can't swing into anything from the wind.  If you live in an area that gets freezing temperatures you must bring your Water Prism inside before it gets too cold or it could freeze the water, expanding and breaking the glass.   
How long will it take to receive my Water Prism?
This depends on whether we have the style you order in stock.  If we do, we can ship it within 1 to 3 days.  If we don't and have to make your Water Prism it could take 1 to 2 weeks.  If you need it shipped immediately, please call to find out what we have in our inventory.   
How do I clean my Water Prism?
Clean the outside with any glass cleaner. We recommend that you fill it with distilled water to keep your Water Prism clean.  Add distilled water if it evaporates to keep the prism full. Occasionally you need to change the water.  After you empty the water out, pour some white vinegar inside and shake well, then rinse and refill.  We made some cleaning wires with a sponge attached to it that works great for cleaning your Water Prism. After receiving a tip from a customer we've had great success cleaning the inside of our some of our large exotic Water Prisms with a handful of dry kidney beans and a little water and white vinegar shaken up. Rinse well and refill with distilled water.
Can you use Water Prisms for Feng Shui?
Certainly! Our Water Prisms are perfect as Feng Shui Crystals, and many incorporate the Feng Shui colors as well as the Chakra Colors. The rainbows produced by the Water Prisms have a very positive energy that invigorates everyone, even cats and dogs.Water is the essence of Life and our prisms amplify the magic of water to bathe all in its spiritual glow of Rainbow light.
This cat loves rainbows so much she turns the Water Prism to watch them dance.
Do you make any other Feng Shui products?
Our stained glass and copper Mandalas are works of Feng Shui art and can be used for Feng Shui decorating. When they're hung in a sunny window they shine their colors and silhouettes everywhere and the curved bevels project curved rainbow shapes on the floor and walls. The stained glass Pyramid Lamps glow with vibrant colors that stream across the room, creating a peaceful mood. We make our stained glass boxes in many of the Feng Shui colors that are particularly effective when placed on a window sill. Our Pyramid Boxes are great for utilizing pyramid power, energizing their contents. All of our stained glass art can enhance the Feng Shui home.
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