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Dear Jon and Nancy, the prism arrived in tact and it is breathtakingly beautiful. When I googled for prisms I never dreamed of finding any this unique and heavenly and I look forward to placing my next order. I wish you an eternity of continued creativity. Sincerely E. Fuentes

Hi Nancy,

My Pyramid Box arrived at it is Perfect! Gorgeous! Thank you so very much! I thought you might enjoy seeing how my Egyptian Artifacts look inside the beautiful work of art you made, so I attached two photos for you.

I am soooo happy with the result!
Big Smiles,

Hi -

Received my water prism order a few days ago. South Florida was without sun for two days !
Had to wait until today to hang the prism at a sunny window. It is absolutely delightful! The
prism images are much larger that what I have had in the past. I am so pleased to have this prism. An added bonus, my two cats are also delighted and confused chasing the many spots of color dancing on
the floor and walls !

I shall certainly order more water prisms when I move into the retirement community in town one
of these days, and know what windows get sun in the apartment that I choose.

I must also compliment you on your artistry and craftsmanship. The prism is beautifuly made.

Thank you.

Hey Ya'll,
Received the prism just the other day. I can't wait to give it as a house warming gift. It's gorgeous!!!
Thanks for your spectacular work. It's a pleasure to give such a beautiful, unique gift.

Dear Nancy,

It arrived in very good time; due to things being a little crazy this time of year, I only opened it today before wrapping it for my wife. Spectacular!!! It's so rare to have every aspect of a transaction be so first-rate, from the quick acknowledgment of my order, to the shipping confirmation with tracking number shortly thereafter, to prompt delivery, and most importantly, to the items itself being even better than I had pictured. I know my wife will love it.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays.


I just wanted to say that I received my gem prism a few days back and I am absolutely delighted with it; many thanks!

It is beautifully made and really does throw rainbows everywhere! It makes my home feel very calming and spiritual. I am sure I will order some more shortly, but in the meantime, would you be happy to ship me a pyramid lamp? There is one in particular that I like and think it would look great in my front room.

Please advise.

Tony in Spain

Hi Nancy,

My name is Sheree, I am the wife of Tony. The present he gave me from you, are superb and so very beautiful, it was a wonderful surprise. Thank you very much for everything. They both arrived safely and are all intact. I have them hanging in the house at the moment, and I am waiting until Tony comes home again before I put the water into them as he will have to make me some hooks for outside.

You and your husband, create the most gorgeous things and I am so proud to have a part of you both in our house. Rainbows will be everywhere, just the way we like it.

Kindest Regards to you both,

Thanks- the water prism came in the mail this weekend. Its beautifully made and the rainbows really are brilliant. Thanks very much!


Thank you! My continued orders are a tribute to your excellent customer service and beautiful creations.

Have a great weekend!

Dear Nancy,

I received the water prisms. They are beautiful. I am giving them to my oldest daughter's teachers for an end of the year gift.

I need to order another four. But I will be doing that in a few weeks.

I love the rainbows.



The pendant prism came today. It's my girlfriend's Christmas present and she's going to love it! Thank you for your prompt service. You guys do really good work and your website is one of the best I've ever visited.

Best regards,

They came today and are stunning. Thank you so much. They are full of good spirits.



OMG it is gorgeous!! got it tonite, can't wait for the sun to come out tomorrow!!

thank you so,VERY MUCH--


I ordered three prisms last year for Xmas and all parties loved them. They are beautiful. The one I ordered is for someone I gave one to last year. He loves them.


Hello Nancy,

That would be fine to substitute the one. Thanks so much for your speedy response. I appreciate it. One is for a wedding gift that I don't need until July (just so you know, if you ever read the book, THE TWELVE GIFTS OF MARRIAGE, it talks about hanging a prism in your house to remind you of what is important. The other is for a birthday gift for next week, someone who loves rainbows.


Hi Jon and Nancy,

Thank you so much for keeping us informed of your new updated website and your new beautiful creations. We enjoy very much having the beauty you both created hanging in our house. They truly are so well made and very perfect. We live in Catalunya, Spain. And things are changing very rapidly over here. And we just love the beauty of things that people make with their own hands and minds.

All the best to you and take care.

Hello From Oregon,

Your water prisms are simply amazing!Just wanted You to know how blown away we were with the HUGE rainbows created across our walls & ceiling,etc.The healing aspect is immediate.Thank You once again,this made a wonderful anniversary gift.We plan to add(at least),one per year.


Nancy and Jon,

I just received a note from my Dad. Thanks, He's really hard to buy for. This is what it said "Thank you for the lovely water prism. It is hanging in the kitchen window. With the sun lingering long and low in the western sky this time of year we have tons of rainbows dancing around the kitchen for several hours each evening."


Hi, Nancy!

I just wanted to let you know that both Moms LOVE their waterprisms! Joy put hers in a "relaxation room" where she does yoga and meditates. Patty put hers in the bay window in her dining room where she and my father-in-law sit and have coffee in the morning. She said that every morning since they got it they wake up and rush out to "see the rainbows." Cool, huh?

Thanks again.

I give your prisms to friends or family. Everyone loves them. My sister's husband actually moves his around during the day to get the best rainbows! They are wonderful house warming presents. Thanks for making such good gifts!


I received my prism today. I was so happy to get it so Fast and also surprised at the size. I know the size was on the web site but I never pay any attention to that. I love prisms and I couldn't wait to hang this one up and can't wait to show everybody. I look forward to ordering from you in the future.

Thank you,


How much fun the two of you must have creating the beautiful designs that you do and knowing that they will cheer each and every person who comes into contact with their radiance. Such a gift you have.....

All the peace, blessings and light of the season,


Just to let you know I received the Water Prism Crystal 2 today. I'm sure the family it is intended for will find it delightful. Thanks for sending the crystal and getting it here on such short order.

Happy Holidays to you and yours,

Hi Nancy,

I received my water prism yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful..thank





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